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Organise your event at the MUSE


The ideal venue for all your events

Looking for somewhere to organise an important occasion for your company or association? Our museum is the ideal venue for exclusive events: special guided visits, conferences, corporate dinners, and gala evenings.

Our team will help you work out all the details, putting together the perfect mix of services and exclusive proposals to suit your needs.



Unique evenings

A fabulous dinner in the museum lobby, on the terrace or in the exhibition rooms is an amazing experience idea. We will work with you at each stage of the organisation.

Corporate meetings

We host conventions, conferences, corporate events, and private parties. We will help you choose every single detail and provide you with technical equipment and top-quality services.

Private visits

As an extra for your event, you can suggest your guests enjoy a special visit to the museum’s permanent and temporary exhibitions, accompanied by our experts.


Our spaces

Conference room

An eclectic space that looks onto the museum rooms. Perfect for meetings, conventions, corporate meetings, and initiatives linked to the world of business, our conference room has a seating capacity of 100.

Small and Big Void

If our cultural schedule allows for it, you can also hold your events on the Basement Floor, surrounded by museum exhibits.


A window onto the Le Albere district and the historic Palazzo of the same name. The lobby is perfect for hosting larger functions and more important conventions, gala dinners, elegant buffets and concerts.

Teaching classrooms

Versatile and functional, they are the ideal venue for students’ activities but also for associations and small work groups.

Scenic terrace

Splendid views of the surrounding mountains and the futuristic Le Albere district. The perfect setting for intimate dinners, exclusive aperitifs and cultural activities in the open air.

Auxiliary services

  • Bag deposit and cloakroom personnel
  • Specialist technical personnel
  • Cafeteria for coffee and lunch breaks, welcome cocktails, and aperitifs
  • Indoor car park
  • Entry to the museum and exhibitions
  • Visit with specialist guides
  • Catalogue or souvenir
  • Organisation of labs and workshops

tel. +39 0461 270311