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Swallows & Co.

Learn to recognize swallows, swallows and swifts

Have you spotted a swallow in the sky or a nest under your gutters? The Swallows & Co. project teaches you how to distinguish swallows, house martins and swifts, and help ornithologists to gather information about the presence and nesting sites of these valuable migratory birds. Upload your photos to the platform and help researchers to safeguard these species at risk.

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Mosquito Alert

Mosquito alert, the app that monitors mosquitoes

Summer means mosquitoes. With the free Mosquito Alert app you can send in reports and photos of these annoying insects. The aim? To collaborate with researchers, recognise the various types of mosquito and map their diffusion, in shared science.

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School of Ants

School of ants: at school with ants

Little, great workers but not all the same. The project “School of ants: at school with ants,” in collaboration with the University of Parma, involves hundreds of students each year in collecting data on the presence and distribution of the various species of ants in our cities.

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Bat help

Bat help desk

Found a bat in difficulty and you don’t know how to help it? Think you have discovered a colony in your attic? Or simply have a question about the mysterious world of Chiroptera? Our museum experts are here to help:

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City Nature Challenge

Take part in Bioblitz

Become a scientist for a day! Observe nature around you, go to the iNaturalist platform and fill in the examples of flora and fauna you found.

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