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Temporary exhibitions

Over 500 m² to explore the topics of nature, science and sustainability.

Current Exhibitions

Mineral Ecologies, 2024

Upcoming Exhibitions

The Mountain Touch, 2024

Biomodd [TT015], 2024

Through the eyes of the wolf, 2022

Desert Italy, 2023

Anima Mundi The Carousel of Life, 2023

Bee-friendly city, 2023

MUSE 100

Wild City. Stories of urban nature

Inside colour, 2022

Looking for a Heart, 2023

Dubai Climate Conference - COP28, 2023

Postnatural gardening, 2024

Quantum, 2023

Cultivating innovation, 2024

ANIMA inside the sound of the Alps, 2024

Shamans. Communicating with the invisible, 2023