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Come closer… If you take a close look, you can really appreciate the scents, colours and shapes of more than 2,000 species of plants that Alpine Botanical Gardens in Viote has conserved and exhibited since 1938. Here you will find trees and officinal and rare plants native to high altitudes and the world’s major mountain chains.

On this journey through peat bogs, blooming meadows, little lakes and woods you will discover a world made up of insects and different mountain habitats.


Three themed itineraries for your visit:

  • “Eyes closed” discovering the wonders of the botanical world using the five senses
  • “A flight of the bumblebee” through the daily life of these important insects
  • “Life in the mountains” discovering the strategies that plants use to adapt to extreme altitudes

You will also find itineraries accessible to people with mobility difficulties and disabilities and a sensorial itinerary with panels in Braille and the possibility to touch, smell or taste leaves and flowers.

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