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Basement floor - The story of life

Fossils, DNA and tropical environments: this is where we come from 


Traces of the past

Lift your gaze: whose is that great skeleton over your head?

Be they big or small, traces left by those who came before tell the story of life on Earth. And they also say something about you, too.

From the first molecules to the extinction of the dinosaurs, through to the appearance of mammals: dramatic environmental changes and chance circumstances have meant that the evolution of living species still surprises and calls for answers.

DNA is what makes us unique

The tiny huge secret of life.

The gallery dedicated to DNA, the molecule essential for life, uses videos, interactive installations and exhibits to explain the fascinating world we have inside us that makes us what we are: unique.

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The big aquariums

He has a spotted coat and Dali-style moustache. Our Bubu, as he is called in his native country, the African Giraffe catfish (Auchenoglanis occidentalis), is one of the most eccentric guests in the museum’s big aquariums. Have you spotted him?

With him live lots of other inhabitants typical of the lakes and rivers in Tanzania, islands of freshwater that are home to an extraordinary biodiversity and curious evolutionary processes.

The green heart of the museum

Go through the waterfall into the depths of a rainforest: you are in the tropical greenhouse. Protected by 600 square metres of glass and steel, this is the home of 13 species of animals that include birds, fish and amphibians, all typical of the Udzungwa Mountains in Tanzania. Can you spot any of them?

A clue for you: the one with the green crest, who loves bilberries, is Livingstone’s turaco.

MUSE Agorà

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A space open to the community, for discussion and sharing, for imagining desirable futures.

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