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4th Floor - The high peaks

The adventure starts among the glaciers where there are no boundaries


Adventure among the glaciers

A window onto the peaks in Trentino. Meadow plants and animals lead you to a real glacier: reach out and touch its icy surface. At the end, a multimedia tunnel reveals all the mountain’s magic.

Climate and living organisms

What do the glaciers tell us? Travel back 800,000 years in time and learn about their creation and evolution. Listen to their story: they have a lot to tell us about the climate and on how the organisms that live here adapt to their extreme temperatures.

Exploration and research

Maps, compasses, hammers and antique microscopes: go back in time and find out how they used to study the territory.

Relive the appeal of an Alpine story with a wealth of episodes and discoveries and observe the difference between Alpine equipment from the past and that used today (yes, you will even find that used by the famous Cesare Maestri).

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