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Wild City

Stories of urban nature

25 Wild City 2023 19-9 pulita

We have lived here for a very long time and it is our “collective lair”, but we Sapiens seldom realise that our cities are populated by many beings that have managed to settle in this man-made environment, often with surprising strategies and adaptive solutions.
The exhibition addresses four fundamental themes that help visitors to understand the new urban ecosystem: the threats and obstacles that the city poses to non-human beings; the opportunities that the city offers; the city environment as a driver of evolution; and the positive, conflictual and coexistence interactions between human beings and other species in an urban context.
An exhibition that poses a big question: how should or could the cities of the future be?

Black-headed Gull in urban habitat - Arno River - Pisa - Tuscany - Italy
©Nicola Destefano

How does the relationship between mankind and the wild world change in the city?
From the peregrine falcon, which has moved from the cliffs to the ledges of skyscrapers to nest and hunt its prey, to the common gecko, now a permanent presence even in Alpine cities such as Trento. From carrion crows, which in Japan have learnt to use pedestrian crossings as convenient nutcrackers, to the slow loris, a primate that in Java (Indonesia) is in danger of disappearing due to urban expansion.

These are just some of the stories of nature in the city that you can learn about through videos, interactive and other exhibits and photographs, investigating the relationship, at time disconnected, other times one of coexistence, between mankind and animal and plant species in an increasingly urbanised world.

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