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Through the eyes of the wolf

Inside the mind of the wolf

720x550 Nella mente del lupo

How does a young wolf “think”? What codes does its mind use to interpret reality? What strategies does it adopt to cross a road, hunt its prey or flee from a livestock guardian dog?

The immersive experience “Through the eyes of the wolf” is a sound and vision exhibition that takes you inside the mind of the wolf to experience his day of encounters and clashes, new discoveries and trials.

Inauguration Friday 4 November 2022 at 5.30 pm

Dialogue with Luigi Boitani, biologist, writer and professor at the Università La Sapienza. on the story of a huge conservation success and the future challenges of co-existence between man and wolf.

This exhibition is part of the LIFE WolfAlps EU Project for which the MUSE is partner and communication coordinator and it explores the complex new coexistence between people and wolves in the Alps.

Find out more about the LIFE WolfAlps EU project