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Looking for a Heart

01 Cercando il cuore pulito

An exhibition to chronicle the thoughts, emotions, dreams and hopes of medical staff and their patients waiting for a new heart.

Creativity, emotion, respect, intuition: words that represent the world of art as much as medicine.
Based on an idea by Gino Gerosa.

Curated by Angela Bianco and Maria Redaelli.

In Italy, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death. Every year, more than 700 people are waiting for a heart transplant and only 30% manage to receive an organ.

The exhibition Cercando il cuore wants to retrace the history of heart transplants from 1985 to today through the languages of art, including sculptures, paintings and objects.

The exhibition opens with the pulsating work “Dinamica… cercando il cuore” (Dynamics… looking for a heart) by Alberto Biasi; it continues with KARSU by Biancarosa Volpe, which transforms the bō, the samurai’s fighting stick, into a rod in the hands of the heart surgeon; finally, THE GHOST HEART, the glass work created by Giancarlo Signoretto and Agnese Tegon in collaboration with heart surgeon Gino Gerosa, reminds us to look beyond the reality of things.

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