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A butterfly forest

16 immagine pulita Foresta farfalle

Watch chrysalises transform into colourful butterflies and experience their first flight.

From 26 March to 19 May, the museum’s tropical mountain greenhouse becomes the nest of thousands of lepidoptera.

Each week, over 300 chrysalises will be placed in special ‘nurseries‘, a protected environment where it will be possible to watch them hatch.

The adult butterflies will fly freely in the greenhouse, feeding on flowering plants and ripe fruit.

Butterfly farming to help the planet and society

Butterfly farming is one of the few activities that have a positive environmental and economic impact on the territory and the local population: it provides employment for the community and an alternative to activities with a high environmental impact, such as agriculture, livestock farming and the timber industry.
The project was developed in collaboration with AMEAP (Asociación de Mujeres Ecológicas y Artesanas de El Porvenir), an association of women who breed butterflies in a small community in northern Costa Rica, and with the advice of Francesco Barbieri, a biologist specialising in entomology, scientific director and founder of the company that manages the Butterfly House in Bordano (Udine).

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